Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Homework Help

I thought I had left behind the misery of the mass-homework assignment--my favorite example of which being the local seventh-grade teacher who sent thirty-five students to my tiny branch in search of copies of God Is My Co-Pilot--when I left public library work. But no. I have an annual crop of library media students (grownups, I emphasize, for anyone who thinks it's only kids who try to weasel out of assignments) who all want to know how the Horn Book Magazine "acknowledges the winner of the Caldecott Medal." The phrasing in the query is always the same, as is the question from year to year, as is my answer: the Horn Book Magazine reprints the Medalist's acceptance speech and runs a profile of the winner in every July/August issue. But sometimes I am tempted to tell them that each July/August issue comes packaged with a shot glass and a bottle of the winner's favorite hooch, and that the game is to down a shot each time you read the phrase thank you.


Kelly said...

I think you're on to something, Roger! A completely new concept in publishing.

Seriously, though, teaching can test the patience at times. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. What's wrong with creative teaching? A library media scavenger hunt sounds kind of fun to me. Let's see. After they get how the Horn Book "acknowledges the winner of the Caldecott Medal" they can go on to ALSC to find out what the Newbery winner gets. (A medal? Really?) Then on to find out the title of Book the Twelfth (hah, that'll stop them for a week), who shipped who in the latest HP, and how big a print run for the Martha Stewart Apprentice book.