Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Robert's Snow

In other local news, I've been asked to alert you to the Robert's Snow project, a fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/The Jimmy Fund. Founded by Boston-area writer and illustrator Grace Lin and her husband Robert, the project solicits hand-painted wooden Christmas tree ornaments from children's book illustrators for auction on eBay. (I can hold forth* for some time on what happens when you hang book illustration on a wall [or tree] but when it comes to eBay, you're on your own.) Information about the project, the illustrators involved, the auction details, and a list of galleries that will be exhibiting the ornaments are all available at the project site.

*and will, on November 12th, at the Eric Carle Museum.


Judith said...

For those of us who can't make it to the Eric Carle to hear you (and who have picture book art hanging on our walls!) could you hold forth here some time? I'm very curious as to your thoughts on the subject.


The Mintie Maven

Roger Sutton said...

Sure. My working title is When Thomas Locker Tried to Destroy the World as We Know It--and Almost Succeeded!