Friday, October 21, 2005

Thank you

Thank you all for reading and sending suggestions for this new Horn Book blog. I hope it will be entertaining and useful. Many colleagues have been helpful, especially Sharyn November, Judith Ridge, and Anastasia Suen, and I've been getting to know some of the children's book blogs, including Judith's, and Kids Lit (very helpful links) and Gail Gauthier's (informed and opinionated, and she loves the Horn Book ;-).

In an essay published in the New York Times this week (but God knows where and when exactly, as the "Times Select" articles-for-pay don't seem to include that information), Times editorial board member Verlyn Klinkenborg says that "writing means allowing yourself to think while paying attention to what you think as you think it." The self-reflexivity of blogging tempts one to go a step even beyond that, and I fear we may all be headed to meta-meta-land.

But maybe it's just me. In any case, this weekend I face the wood-pulp plugs and white laminate of Ikea, Inc. in the form of about a dozen cd towers waiting to be put together. God bless the Swedes.


sdn said...

oh, thanks! i'm really glad you're doing this; i like that you're adding your virtual voice to the hbook editorial presence.

Anastasia said...

I'm glad I could help!