Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gerald Hodges

I was very saddened to learn tonight that my old friend Gerald Hodges has died. Gerald was most recently Associate Executive Director of the ALA but I met him when he was still a library school professor, specializing in services to teens and schools, and active in what was then the Young Adult Services Division, now YALSA. Betty Carter, Hazel Rochman, Mike Printz, Linda Waddle and Gerald's partner Charles Harmon--it was such a fun crowd to spend ALA conferences among, and Gerald was the funniest (and flirtiest) and warmest of all. When he and Charles moved to Chicago, Gerald to become Director of Membership and Charles ALA Headquarters Librarian, they bought a house (Richard was their Realtor) around the corner from me and we spilled many margaritas together at the local Mexican joint, Las Mananitas. Linda Waddle also moved to Chicago to work for YALSA, buying the carriage house behind Charles and Gerald's three-flat. They had a beautiful courtyard between the two buldings where their beloved dog Pepper could play and entertain us (and Buster had quite the crush)--and I hope she's keeping Gerald company once again. I'll really miss him.


Jean said...

I'm sad to read this news and sorry for your personal loss, Roger. Those memories sound like fabulous times.

Jane said...

This is happening at a faster and faster pace--old friends, old loves, even old enemies dying around us. I can come to terms with the much older friends dying, like Lilian Moore. Good long productive lives. But when the young ones like Craig Crist-Evans and Paula Danziger go in the prime of their creative lives, I mourn deeply.

I hold your friend in the Light, Roger. I'm glad you have great memories of him.