Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You really should subscribe, you know

As we try to find ways to make our reviews fly around the world ever more quickly, quickly, we are going to be, in some cases, publishing them first in electronic form, with print to follow. If you are a subscriber you can take a look at our first flight: on our website, we have compiled some six hundred of the reviews that will appear in the Spring 2006 issue of the Horn Book Guide; the reviews are of books published in the fall of 2005. I remind you that while the Horn Book Magazine by and large only reviews highly recommended titles, the Guide, published twice a year, reviews virtually all new hardcover books for children, rating each on a scale from 1 (fabulous!) to 6 (entertaining in all the wrong ways). So if a review of your favorite contender for the Newbery Medal hasn't shown up in the Magazine, a look at this prepub Guide might tell you why.

We aren't at the point yet where we can offer a searchable database of these early reviews (although all the Horn Book Guide reviews are aggregated into a searchable database that can be found here); what you'll get for your secret password is a pdf file formatted like the print Guide that you can either peruse online or print out for reading at leisure. Access to the pdf is free to subscribers of either the Guide or Magazine, but you will need a password to get in. Instructions on how to do so are here, about halfway down the page. And if you aren't a subscriber, get busy.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to tell us your pick for the Newbery? Maybe a hint?

Anonymous said...

I should subscribe to the Horn Book? Perhaps after someone corrects the grammar on your old home page:
"We have expanded and redesigned the Horn Book web site. In a few seconds, you will automatically be redirected to our new home page, or you may click here."