Monday, February 06, 2006

More March

We're just sending the March-April issue to the printer, and it looks great. Robin Brenner and Hollis Rudiger, separately, on graphic novels; Bart Moeyaert and Brian Doyle (not the Canadian one) on translation; our own Vicky Smith on bastardizing the Bard in children's books; Judith Ridge on cross-cultural writing in Australia; and a reminiscence of Meindert deJong by his friend Judith Hartzell. Sometimes this job is as much fun as people think it is.

And May is already poking up its shoots; I talked today to Barbara Bader, who is credited by Susan Hirschman with inspiring the late Tana Hoban to greatness. Barbara says it didn't go quite like that, but she'll tell you all about it in her tribute to Hoban in the May/June issue.

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