Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Creative review clipping

I once ended a review panning an over-the-top YA novel with the phrase " . . . but melodramatic teens will love it." It soon appeared in the publisher's ad for the book, abbreviated to "teens will love it."

Apparently Miramax Books has a similarly free-spirited attitude toward quotation.


Lisa Yee said...

Hee hee. It looks like the quotes are more creative than the book.

web said...

"Mad" magazine saw this coming 25 years ago!

Karen Breen said...

I've always tried to be very careful about not reviewing titles that might be treated in such a way...Dr. Laura's first book comes to mind. Decided not to review it so they couldn't play with the words. But my favorite trick with this sort of thing was the brilliant publicity built by Allison Devlin when she was at Little, Brown. We reviewed one of their books with the tag line: "Utter dreck"
They turned the phrase into a button and other apparatus that said, "Kids love 'Utter dreck'"
All of us at Kirkus have a button; it was just too smart to pass up.