Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sweet Valley Lowdown

Semi-juicy stuff here on book packager Alloy, link courtesy of Gawker. But you'll want to slap Francine Pascal, honestly.


Laura said...

Umm, yeah, that's exactly what I got out of the one Sweet Valley High book I read as a young person (on the theory that you had to have read one in order to have an opinion). Thankfully they're pretty short.

Jane said...

Excuse me while I rush to the bathroom and empty myself of the Pascal comment. In fact of the entire article. I may be a while.


kt horning said...

Francine Pascal fails to mention the most important value readers picked up from the Sweet Valley High Books -- shopping!

The description of Alloy sounds a lot like the old Stratemeyer Syndicate from days of yore.

James A. Owen said...

My favorite quote from the article:

>>>When authors are brought in to write their own books...<<<

At the moment I find that really funny - that it's presented as only ONE of their options for producing books - but am sure at some point, it's going to cause me to wake up screaming.

Melinda said...

Evil. Eeeeeevil!