Friday, June 23, 2006

Big Easy Easy Thus Far

All is bright and beautiful if very hot in downtown N.O.--there's lots of construction and renovation going on, including at the convention center, where, nb, the ALA halls are waaaaay down toward the far end.

Despite all the highbrow recommendations I had for plane reading, I ended up with only five minutes to choose something at the airport and was happily entertained by James Rollins's Map of Bones, a better-than-Dan-Brown religious thriller involving popes and anti-popes, the Three Kings (or were there four?), the catacombs of the Vatican, a sharpshooting Eurasian beauty and theories about Biblical "manna" that connoisseurs of Philip Pullman's "dust" will find especially intriguing.

My hotel room window looks out onto a brilliantly whitewashed solid brick windowless wall about five feet away, beautiful in its minimalist way, yet so close that no matter how far I try to look up or down, all I can see are bright white bricks. It's constantly putting me in mind of Emily Dickinson's "Why do they shut me out of heaven . . . ."


Robin said...

To get by in the sultry southlands...
Walk slowly and drink a lot of sweet tea.
"Tea punch" is even better. You will have to be in a little restaurant with curtains on the window and waitresses who call you "hon" in order to drink it, though. Sandwiches with "frozen salad" should be on the menu as well. Key Lime Pie or Lemon Squares or anything with pralines will be the best dessert choices. No alcohol will be available in this restaurant, however. That is for another place and another time. Refills on tea punch or sweet tea will be free, of course.

If pressed, I will provide the traditional tea punch recipe that is responsible for getting me through the hot, humid, hideous summers here.

rindawriter said...

Lovely, lovely line from Emily:

A personal favorite with a twinkle in my eye since I can't go to ALA this year, Wah!

"I dwell in possibility,
A fairer house than prose.." Emily Dickison