Thursday, June 29, 2006

Newbery blogging

The Masked Woman who will chair (elected by a flip of a coin after a tied ballot with Betty Carter) the 2008 Newbery Committee has started a blog-version of the annual mock-Newbery discussion she conducts at the Oakland (CA) Public Library. Join in the fun here.

I was reminded to post this when I came back to the office and saw that the latest issue of the Horn Book had just arrived, including my editorial wherein I discuss the prize process and mention Nina's new project. Articles in the issue include the Newbery and Caldecott speeches, profiles of the winners by their editors, some other views of prizes by Leda Schubert and Colleen Campbell, Brian Doyle on writing for children, Patty Campbell on chick-lit, Barbara Bader on the Red Scare and Lolly Robinson on the friendship between Beatrix Potter and our own Bertha Mahony Miller, upon whose chair my "to do" pile now rests, uneasily.


James said...

The criteria for a Newbery was one of the consuming questions of my childhood, mostly due to Lloyd Alexander.

Why the second Prydain book was a runner-up, and only the fifth was a winner baffled me to no end. I assumed (with fifth-grade faculties) that an award, particularly the Newbery, was an indication of mastery. So what happened to the third and fourth books? Were they somehow, worse, before he came roaring back to form with the fifth?

Ten year olds who grapple with questions like that become authors.

I pretty much had the inner conflict settled at one point - then someone gave me the L'Engle books and it flared up all over again...

rindawriter said...

Oh boy....heeeeeere we go again!

The Newberry award committee has different people on it every year as far as I know. Maybe that accounts for some of the unevenness and unpredictability and disagreements...but then I don't think any of that is wrong either. Makes it FUN! LOVE it when I predict and get the winner right some years, though! Makes me feel SO superior! Just goofing off in the sandbox, here, just having some fun..