Thursday, August 24, 2006


Pluto's off the list, so never mind the song. And the anti-Castro forces in Miami are going for broke: this will bring the money the Board of Education will spend on the case to at least half a million dollars. Let's not even think about how many books that money could buy; certainly they haven't.


Anonymous said...

They counted wrong again
(It's fine, guys, take a breather)
The smart ones HERE read Alcott
and they didn't get HER either

Anonymous said...

Shame on the parents, shame on the BOE, shame on everyone for not buying books for the kids instead of trying to gain votes and notoriety!

Anonymous librarian in OH who wishes for more $ to buy books.

rindambyers said...

I get tears in my eyes, thinking about children in our country who do not own even ONE book, ANY book of his or her own.

I still own my "Three Little Kittens" Golden Book that I OWNED long before I could read...tattered, faded, badly's still mine, all mine...what POWER! To be able to OWN books.