Friday, September 15, 2006

Liquid Paper

J.K. Rowling reports that airport security in New York wanted her to check her handwritten notes for the next Harry Potter with her luggage. What does she write with, shampoo?


shahairyzade said...

No, it must be conditioner. Her books keep gaining in volume. On the other hand, they often lack shine and manageability. So maybe it's just "product," which we all know is a salon code-word for "mysterious money-making substance."

In any case, I look forward to her next project. Maybe something that involves "solid" writing?

Lisa Yee said...

Perhaps it confirms what many have suspected. That there are numerous deaths in Book Seven. And the airport security was merely trying to thwart the massacre, as they are trained to do.

Roger Sutton said...

Oh you girls are wicked. On reflection, I'm guessing that Rowling was traveling during those panicked days when they were barely letting you carry on your clothes, much less the Manuscript. I do hope they didn't make an exception just because she was She Who Was Just Named. Books for all or books for none!

rindambyers said...

She could be using lipstick, slick and shiny wears off quickly with a lot of bucks spent for low-cost. commonly available ingredients...oops, no,no, no, that won't work, 'cause you can't take lipstick containers on board airplanes either....oh, I know...nail polish.

I hope they don't start abolishing books on air flights now. I couldn't cope with that.