Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Baby's Got Back

"His dark blue eyes met Jenny's, and chills ran down her spine all the way to the toes of her perky rubber boots."

--from Reckless, by Cecily Von Ziegsar


Rebecca said...

Is this a fashion critique? Or do I have Project Runway on the brain?

By the way, since folks here have been discussing PR as a metaphor for editorial comments and reviews, what do you all make of the fact that during the credits there is a short statement to the effect that eliminations are based upon the judges' scores AND the views of the show's producers and the BRAVO network?

I'm wondering if this is why Angela lasted as long as she did . . . we had more time to watch her cry and feel victimized, thus improving ratings.

Isn't this sort of like letting B&N weigh in on the Newbery?

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens her boots were rubber! There might have been a lightning strike as well as chills.

BTW -- Having never seen perky rubber boots, I ask: is there life beyond green Wellies?

Anonymous said...

She's got a long, long, spine, huh? All the way into her boots?

But maybe the end of it is tail, and she has it neatly tucked into her perky boots? Perhaps that's what all the cool teen girls are doing with their tails these days-- certainly so much more fashionable than pegging.

Lisa Yee said...

Oh my.

rindawriter said...

I wore rubber boots once... as an adult...never oh never again...

Wonder what would have happened if she wasn't wearing rubber boots, but instead her perky, pearl-pink toes curled up in the slup-gushy, cold, black mud? Perhaps there would have been more than a look?

Monica Edinger said...

Alice-hater-Roger, the trendy Upper East Side NYC private school girls I see daily have been wearing colorful rubber boots for some time now. Where have you been? Disneyland? Jenny, I seem to recall from my Gossip Girl reading, aspired and then became one of them before heading off to boarding school.

And since you obviously pay such close attention to fashion, you will know that babydoll dresses are on the comeback too.

Perky, perky, perky.