Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can You Draw the Matchbook Man?

The juicy discussion (not yet a flamefest but wait) over on Fuse #8 about SCBWI reminds me of this bit of mischief with the Institute of Children's Literature.


Fuse #8 said...

No flames as of yet. Everyone's being just as decent and respectful as humanly possible. I am truly impressed by how civilized it's all been. Finger crossed.

Jane said...

I tried six times to leave a message over at Fuse8 (on the SCBWI link snd others) crashed my system every single time. But Lin and Steve said all the things I wanted to say anyway.

There was a lot of wrong-headed stuff masquerading as information up until their posting.


Full disclosure--I am on the board.I get no payment for it.

Barbjn said...

I have always thought of SCBWI as a club I choose to buy membership in. Their dues are more than reasonable (even cheap by some standards), and the conferences have provided some genuine guidance and inspiration--not the least of which has been getting some insight as to what goes on inside an editor's head.

I always assumed that the group was more or less profitable. It had to be to sponsor such well attended conferences and attract such dynamic speakers. It is true that as a seasoned illustrator many conferences offer less for me, but as a new writer they are tremendously valuable.

And contrary to one post on the other blog, having "SCBWI Member" on the outside of a submission actually does have meaning for a few publishers and agents, because they understand that the organization does serve to educate.

If SCBWI makes money, all well and good. They'll continue to attract wonderful speakers and the services they provide will get even better.


Chickadee said...

And about the Institute of Children's Literature, they really do offer quality instruction.

Check out their instructors. You'll find some familiar (and beloved)names there.


rindamybyers said...

ah...but they don't let you pick the instructor you might want to choose...THAT'S the glitchie with that.

I added, as my cats would say, my bit of FFFFFFFFFting over at Fuse #8 about SCBWI...and so I won't FFFFFTTT about it here..