Friday, October 13, 2006

Time Traveling

Take a look at this story about the uses to which the antiabortion movement is putting Susan B. Anthony. It's nice and complicated, just the way I like my politics, and it also is instructive re children's historical fiction, in which the past is used to serve the needs of the present.

Tonight occasions our annual glamour moment: the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards at the Boston Athenaeum. I need Tim Gunn here for wardrobe assistance (particularly as it needs to be an outfit that will take me from day into evening) but I've drafted Richard to play stylist: we wouldn't want any Serious Ugly in the room. I'll post a full report tomorrow.


Franki said...

I met Jennifer Roy (Yellow Star author) at our local children's bookstore a few months ago. I am so happy that she'll be receiving a Boston Globe Honor. I loved the book and thought it was a huge contribution. I am happy that she will be getting an award for the book:-)
Have fun at the event!

medugorje said...

great book

Roger Sutton said...

I'll be posting more fully about the awards, but wanted to say here that Jennifer Roy's speech contained one of the more resonant lines of the evening. She said that her relatives who had been in the Holocaust never talked about it, and "while we were always being told to 'never forget, never forget,'no one was telling us what to remember."

Kelly said...

I hope the ceremony was wonderful and I can't wait to hear about them.

I hope your evening attire would please the divine Tim Gunn.

I've been wondering, though, Roger...who do you want to win this year's PR? I'm Team Laura all the way, though I suspect she won't win. I'll be happy enough with Michael or Uli.

YS Doug said...

After seeing the designers' lines online, my faith in Laura is shattered. She copied that little baby-doll cocktail dress almost stitch-for-stitch. Her stuff all looked the same. Tired.

Michael's looks were fresh and fun, with lots of variety. Laura's a bit of a one-trick pony, the way Uli does things that are "flowing and tropical." Jeffrey is just annoying; I applaud that he has overcome some difficulties in his life, but he's a bit too edgy and mean-spirited.

Michael gets my vote.

Not that Kelly asked me, but I felt compelled to share.

As Tim Gunn would say, "Carry on."