Monday, January 08, 2007

Miss Potter misses, she says

Here's Lolly on Miss Potter, and don't miss the links.


rindawriter said...

Thanks very much indeed, will enjoy this!

I remember seeing a small exhibition of some of her original drawings a few years back. Perhaps there was one of her children's book drawings, but they were mostly of mushrooms (she was an expert in them), and the technical quality was superb. They looked so real! Like you could touch them.

The steal of the show was her drawing of a huge black tarantula, however, every tiny HAIR in place. Did it ever look real!

Andy Laties said...

Great review. It sounds like they were trying to split the difference between Period Biopic and Kiddie Movie and have succeeded in making neither. I assume that the key market however really is elementary-school aged kids, isn't it? If they added animated characters and created a Cute B.P. -- well -- they must have known what they wanted to achieve. Your description reminds me a little of the musical "1776" with jolly old Tom Jefferson and Ben Franklin and Johnny Adams.