Thursday, January 25, 2007

My first blog dream

I dreamed last night that I was blogging about a catalog for an original-art exhibition I had received in the mail. The show was by Emily Arnold McCully, and most of the watercolors--beautiful all--were in the five or six thousand dollar range. There was one, though, that was listed at 2.1 million, and it was clear to me that this was McCully's nearest and dearest, and the cost was an expression of how hard it would be for her to part with the picture--but she would, for the price.

I have never met E.A.M. in real life and have no idea what price she puts on her dreams.


Andy Laties said...

That's the one she's planning to donate to Eric Carle Museum.

Hollis said...

I have met her. She's wonderful. A good listener, genuinely interested in genuine conversations, humble, gracious...
Oh, and she gave me that painting in Seattle simply for dining with her. huh huh.