Friday, January 12, 2007

Scott O'Dell Award

The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages (Viking) is the winner of the 2007 Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction. The award is presented to a children's or young adult book published in English by a U.S. publisher and set in the Americas. A standing committee (Ann Carlson; Hazel Rochman, chair; and Roger Sutton) selects the winner. Established by the late historical fiction writer, Scott O'Dell, the award is administered by his wife, Elizabeth Hall. The author is presented with a $5000 prize.

In November 1943 11-year-old Dewey Kerrigan travels west to live with her father in Los Alamos. But what is the mystery about her dad’s war work? What is the top-secret “gadget” he’s working on? She is a budding inventor, and she enjoys all the talk about science and mechanics in the community that includes “Oppie” and other eminent scientists. Her classmates taunt her and call her “Screwy Dewey,” but she makes friends with another outsider. The girls’ daily battles are set against the radio news of war, and as tension builds, readers of this gripping story will discover with Dewey the truth of the secret weapon that will change the world. There’s no sermonizing, and Dewey is no convenient mouthpiece for a history lesson. Instead, Klages gets completely inside her complicated hero to make readers see the world as she sees it: dangerous and unpredictable, and made only partially manageable by science.


rindawriter said...

Yeah! I am EXCITED to get hold of this one...that was the myth wasn't it then? That we could one day control the world by we find ourselves realizing that, because we have not, as peoples of the world as a group, been able to control ourselves, we may now have no world at all to leave to our children.

Idaho_Laurie said...

I agree; the triumph of this book was its lack of preachiness; hard to achieve with this subject matter.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the information, I just went out and grabbed this title off of the shelf to read at lunch today.

It looks familiar, was there discussion on this book's cover here some time ago (she sheepishly asks, too lazy to look through the blog archives)?

Anonymous said...

"I grabbed it OFF OF the shelf." Don't you people believe in correct English? (For yourselves, I mean. It's OK in novel dialogue.)

Roger Sutton said...

Quit the anonymous stone-throwing (and pedantry).

miriam said...

OT but I think "off of" is an expression peculiar to American English. Here in Oz we would say we grabbed the book "off the shelf".
Anyway, re the award, it would be good to see more novels with a science theme(historical or otherwise), even in coming-of-age or other angsty topic. The nerds like me prefer it, not chick lit.

sdn said...


thank you, o committee.

Anonymous said...

Were there any honor books announced? The O'Dell does list any, at least that I can find. Thanks.

rindawriter said...

When I'm excited, I holler "off the shelf!"

Melinda said...

I just holler and grab and don't bother with prepositional phrases.

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