Saturday, March 10, 2007

Grandma was right

Stick to the path, she said. But she didn't have Buster with her this morning. Dragging her off the path. Into the deceptively spring-like woods that concealed floors of ice. Causing me to fall three times (seven, if you count the slips I kept having trying to arise from the last one). I'm thinking of buying stock in Advil. Or at least better shoes. Oh so helpfully, the little bastid (as we say in these parts) barked at me from a safe distance. Good dog.


Cliff and Valerie McKay said...

Does Jamaica Pond really look that that today? Incredible. So glad I'm out in the burbs where it's snow free. I don't blame him for barking. You embarrassed him in front of his peers.

MBlair said...

Roger, do as my mother does. Walks with small steps and a dignified walking stick (carved wooden, not one of those metal contraptions).

Anonymous said...

Oh, Buster!

Thanks for the picture of my buddy! I miss him. Glad to hear he's still causing trouble. I remember the time he woke me up because the smoke alarm was beeping (low battery). Had there been a fire he would have SAVED MY LIFE.

Sorry about the falls. Hope you feel better soon.

Roger Sutton said...

We miss you, too, ALB (who, for the uninitiated, used to work for the HB, still reviews for us, and sometimes dogsat old B). I never knew he could exhibit such Balto-like bravery!

rindawriter said...

I don't think ANYONE should use a walking stick unless you absolutely HAVE TO! Just get the right sort of soles on your shoes. And I, Ms. Clumsy of the world should know with three fractures and a whiplash to my fall record. Hope you feel better soon. Heat of any sort really helps.