Friday, March 23, 2007

Susan Patron has company.

from the copyright page of Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy (Tundra, 2007):

This book is dedicated to the sweet memory of our mother [name redacted because otherwise mine would come down from heaven and KILL me], who liked her black balls two at a time.


JeanneB said...

Can't stop laughing. Thanks!

Fern said...

Just an observation . . . The label "balls" links to four blog entries, which tells us something about the kind of year we've been having in children's lit. But this is apparently the first time Roger has--in his own estimation--taken the kind of risk that might reasonably lead to eternal damnation. . . at least since he started using these cool labels.

Melinda said...

I'd like to see more posts tagged "I am so going to hell." But only if they're worthy.