Friday, April 06, 2007

Got Pith?

We're looking for submissions for the "Cadenza" page in the Magazine. This is the last page of each issue, is usually (meant to be, anyway) funny, and has featured drawings (stand-alone only please, and in black-and-white), cartoons, poems, parodies and maybe a pop quiz or two. ONE Horn Book page--that's short. And unlike the New Yorker's cartoon contest page, any Cadenza needs to make sense. We pay, not much, but we pay. Send queries and submissions to Assistant Editor Claire Gross at cgross at-sign hbook dot com. (We've already got enough Viagra and Nigerian gold, thanks.) We've put some examples up on the website for your inspiration.

UPDATE: Thank you to all who've submitted. Claire has asked that any future submissions have the word Cadenza in the subject line. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between submissions and spam. (No smart remarks from the editors here, please.)


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what things you'd rather not see (i.e. because they've been done to death)?

Roger Sutton said...

No children's book trivia questions! Bear in mind that Horn Book readers tend to be dauntingly conversant with the children's books of yesterday and today. The best way to find out what we would like to see is by reading the Magazine. Most over-the-transom submissions we get are quickly rejected because it's clear the writer hasn't a clue about what we've published in the past. "Reading Aloud Is a Gift," for example, or "Children's Books Are Treasure Indeed." Spare us.

Anonymous said...

I am putting on my pith helmet/thinking cap, but if you don't like the results, please don't get pithed!
--Name withheld out of fear of dreadful pun-ishment

rindawriter said...

Well, Roger, somebody REALLY ought to make something out of this Peeps craze...I confess I haven't the time now to compose but I was thinking...."To Kill A Peeps"....

Believe it or not, they have Peeps haiku online now. This is purist Peep site, only the little yellow ones allowed now:

BTW, I am NOT a member of P.E.E.P.S

People Exhibiting Extreme Peepsism Society.