Thursday, May 03, 2007

Watch the ladies and learn

This GalleyCat story shares a very interesting case study of the relationship between blogging and book reviewing as viewed through the genteel lens of romance publishing. Good Lord. We are total pikers.

Has anyone read Elizabeth Peters' two mysteries about the romance-writers circuit, Die for Love, and Naked Once More? Hi-larious.


Fern said...

I have read (listened to) and enjoy *Naked Once More* . . . a hoot indeed. Of course, I also recently listened to *The Copenhagen Connection*: vintage Elizabeth Peters is a guilty pleasure. It's fun to watch feminism evolve through genre fiction. The series that ends with *Night Train to Memphis* is an entire survey course (and, by the end, really terrific stuff).

Caitlin said...

You will have to start a whole new blog if you're going to speak of Elizabeth Peters. I mean, how many pseudonyms does she have? And they're each as good as the lady behind them (Entering strained grammatical waters, so will stop.)

Leila said...

Loved 'em!