Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry and the Horn Book

And while I was whining over here, Kitty Flynn posted links to all the high spots in the Horn Book's coverage of Harry Potter. Missing is the letter from the (former) subscriber who took her leave from us upon our less-than rapturous review of The Chamber of Secrets.

Speaking for myself, that Harry provided me an entire chapter in my memoirs, so, thanks, kid.


yankeerat said...

I like the fact that your summer reading list includes selections of all ages, including the picture book crowd. 'Cause you just know there are some precocious kindergartners out there ready to sink their teeth into HP on Saturday. I often hear about them at work: "I need a recommendation for my six year old. S/he loved Harry Potter!"

Sondy said...

I'm proud to say that I discovered Harry Potter from Horn Book Magazine--way before the hoopla. I love fantasy, and the review made the first book sound like a good fantasy novel, so I ordered the book for my son's 11th birthday.
My son read it quickly, and then insisted that we use it as our next bedtime book. At the time we were reading aloud to both our 11-year-old and our 5-year-old sons at bedtime, and my older son was sure that this was a book everyone would like. How right he was!
We have read all of the books aloud (which makes it take much longer), and they have given us some wonderful shared family times.
Sadly, now my husband has left me and my older son is off to college--but I'm reading Book 7 aloud to my now-13-year-old younger son and enjoying it thoroughly.