Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hear Us Roar

The inaugural Horn Book Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Lolly is setting it up with iTunes so you'll be able to subscribe; for now, go to the podcast page on our site to hear my interview with Jon Scieszka.

I interviewed Jon for our special September issue, Boys and Girls. That too is now just out and you can see the table of contents here and web extras here. I think this is one of the best issues we've done.


KT Horning said...

Roger, that was a terrific essay on "Annie on My Mind." Thanks so much for making it available online. I'm looking forward to reading the entire issue.

david elzey said...

Just read the interview with Jon Scieszka, and it's great. "Can we say this in the Horn Book?" Yes, Jon, I believe you did.

Is there more in the podcast than in the printed interview, juicy outtakes and mumbled asides?

Roger Sutton said...

I shoulda been more clear: the podcast conversation is completely different from the printed interview. We talked for a long time!