Friday, August 31, 2007

Ho ho ho

Off to New York for my last year's birthday present from Elizabeth, seeing my namesake challenged by the Jolly Green Newbie. Back to our usual programming on Tuesday.


thommy said...

I get a NYT News Tracker ad from your Jolly Green Newbie link, but I presume that you are referring to Mr. Djokovic who, from my point of view, possesses everything a tennis star should: a comely neck, a surprising speed (he is a giant, after all), and an articulate humility.

But then Roger has that fantastic all-black costume, complete with tuxedo stripes along the sides of his shorts.

Decisions, decisions...

Elizabeth said...

I don't know why Roger's link isn't working, but he's talking about John Isner. They're scheduled to play on Arthur Ashe stadium tomorrow.

Personally, I will be following the Blake/Koubek match tomorrow with bated breath. Go Blake! And to keep this OT, I say Go Serena! Serena Williams was photographed last December carrying a book I published, Gideon the Cutpurse. She said she had read it on her flight to the Australian Open. Ok you writers out there--what sightings have you had of people reading your books?