Monday, September 24, 2007

How many do YOU bring?

I will be out of the office the rest of this week, giving a speech in Vermont and then taking a few days to enjoy the Green Mountain State ( a visit to Beau Ties, I hope, and any recommendations for food and ice cream would be much appreciated). And I'm bringing a prodigious number of books whose pages I cannot hope to get through and whose ISBNs I reproduce below in the spirit of reckless theft of intellectual property:


Richard, on the other hand, is only bringing 978-0385721790 and 978-1400032914, which is far more sensible (and they're both excellent) but I always worry that if I bring only two, it will be the wrong two. And then where are you?

Miss Pod is coming with us too, and she's fully loaded with Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series, which I'm rereading-hearing in preparation for our chat in November. It's always good to have a book along you already know you love.


Anonymous said...

You and Richard would have a delicious lunch in a beautiful spot were you to bop on down to Simon Pearce restaurant (and glassblowing and weaving shop) in Quechee, a hop and a skip from Lake Morey.

Roger Sutton said...

Thanks! I've just gotten back from a run around Lake Morey--about five miles. Halfway through I thought, hmmm, it's kind of hot; maybe I should turn around. Then I reflected on the fact that my math skills need some work.

Ruth said...

If you find yourself in Montpelier, Morse Farm has something called a maple cremee-- soft-serve ice cream made with their own maple syrup.

Anonymous said...