Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shout-out in Shul

HB reviewer Lauren Adams and I went with our nice Jewish boys to Kol Nidre services last night, where none other than that nice Jewish girl, our own Jane Yolen, was referenced in the sermon. The theme was something about "remembering the person you always wanted to be," and Jane was brought into it via an essay she wrote about the power of stories to make sense of our lives. Mazel Tov, Jane!


Melinda said...

I hope y'all had an easy fast.

janeyolen said...

Good grief, that's certainly a first. Thanks for the shout out.

I've had Ministers, yes, railing at the "tool of Satan" who writes about magical things. (I've even made a ToolBox of Satan tee shirt for my other fantasy writer friends, complete with hex wrench and spirit level among other things.) But a rabbi at Kol Nidre services. . . wait till I tell my writing group mates, Barbara Diamond Goldin and Leslea Newman. Will they be jealous.


janeyolen said...

Was it the Tufts Hillel rabbi?

I can't imagine I was referenced by TWO.


Roger Sutton said...

It was Temple Shalom in Newton, Rabbi Eric Gurvis.

Melinda, I et. Not during the service, of course.

janeyolen said...

Good grief--I was mentioned TWICE in Boston Kol Nidre services. I'd better be careful of lightning after this.


janeyolen said...

I reread the internet speech citation, and it was a 2002 Kol Nidre sermon. So not QUITE lightning, but close enough.


Melinda said...

*imagines Roger scarfing on pork chittlings during service*

Yeah, that would be bad.

Anonymous said...