Monday, September 10, 2007

"The Writing of Fantasy": Susan Cooper and Gregory Maguire

Last Friday Daryl Mark (of the Cambridge P.L.) and I went over to MIT to look over the new location that anticipatory enthusiasm for the evening seemed to demand. So, we're still on for the program with Susan Cooper and Gregory Maguire, we're still talking about the writing and reading of fantasy, and it's still all going to take place on Wednesday, November 14, at 7:00PM. But note the new location: the program will now be taking place in the Frank Gehry glam Stata Center. MIT kahuna Paul Parravano (yes, consort to the inestimable Martha) showed us around, and it's quite an impressive place. Tickets (free but limit of four) for the evening will be available October 15th by sending an SASE to: Susan Cooper Event, Cambridge Public Library, 359 Broadway, Cambridge, MA, 02139. Note: seating is first come, first served; overflow "population" (MIT-speak for audience) will be accommodated via TV monitors. A reception will follow.

The following evening Susan Cooper will deliver a lecture, "Unriddling the World: Fantasy and Children" for the Cambridge Forum. This event is also free, no ticket required, and will be held at 7:30 PM at the First Parish church in Harvard Square, Cambridge.


Cassandra Mortmain said...

So wait, should you send an SASE *by* October 15th, or *starting* October 15th?

I really don't want to miss this, so I want to be extra exact.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a transcript/podcast/text of your interview and the speech available for non-Bostonians? It sounds so tempting, yet is so out of reach.

Roger Sutton said...

You can write for tickets now; Cooper's speech will be broadcast by various NPR stations and will then be available on the Cambridge Forum site. I'm not sure how the interview will be made available but it is definitely being recorded and will be broadcast/podcast in some form. I'll keep you posted.

Robin said...

Paul P as "consort." Funny. Funny.
I know, from breathlessly chasing him down a hill to catch a bus, that Paul walks behind NO ONE. Though, if anyone is a queen of the world, it's Martha.

Gosh I hope there is a podcast. It's awful to live so far away.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else see G.Maguire's self-celebratory "editorial" in yesterday's Boston Globe? My, how prescient he was!

Anonymous said...