Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The '07 National Book Award finalists

. . . have been announced and we've got reviews of the Young People's Literature choices. The judges were Elizabeth Partridge (chair),Pete Hautman, James Howe, Patricia McCormick, and Scott Westerfeld; the nominees were announced by Camille Paglia, whose legendary battle via fax with Brit critic Julie Burchill is available for your enjoyment here.


gail said...

And I did enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Go Hugo!

Cheryl said...

That Paglia-Burchill war was fabulous. Have you ever seen this? Anne Rice responds to criticism on

janeyolen said...

THAT was the most fun ever, Roger. Thanks.

And to think I used to believe critics have no fun!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my God!!! I haven't had this much fun since A.S. Byatt went after Martin Amis for having his teeth capped.

What are the great literary feuds of our field? Roger, isn't there something about Ethel Heins having an ongoing debate in the Horn Book letters section? And I remember the 5 million responses you got to your American Girls editorial, or the Marc Aronson/Andrea Pinkney debate on the Coretta Scott King and other awards. And bloggers, how about the post about Kate diCamillo receiving an award that got (if memory serves) nearly 60 responses?

For my own measley part in children's book history, I can only say that there is a letter in an old editorial file where a Newbery Honor author accuses me of not knowing the difference between a waterfall and an enema.

Anonymous said...

That's some enema!