Monday, October 15, 2007

Bear footed

Unlike this lucky little guy, who sat the whole thing out, I had to wear my big-boy shoes twice this weekend, first for the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards on Friday and then again for Dame Kiri's farewell recital last night. Lolly and Kitty will be busy today to bring you more pictures and moments from Friday night's celebration; I'm betting Kiri has her feet up, too.

P.S. The photo is by Richard, whose birthday it is today. Happy birthday sweetheart!


HG said...

Oh I love Kiri - was the concert wonderful?

Anonymous said...

any hope of a time limit on acceptance speeches? thirty minutes of Mencken-inspired rant on the decline of American civilization seemed a bit too much

Alex Flinn said...

Oh, how I envy you the concert! I'd have loved to have heard the Strauss particularly (Standchen was one of my senior recital pieces in college). Was it wonderful?

I have to admit it makes me feel very old to realize that the opera singers who ruled the stage in my youth are retiring and, in two recent cases, dying. Thank goodness for CDs!

Roger Sutton said...

Kiri was fun--her voice is still gorgeous and she looks great. The program was all over the place (Mozart, Strauss, Duparc, Poulenc, Britten, Puccini and some "fun" special material by Jake Heggie) but it didn't really matter. More a love fest than anything. At one point a fly was buzzing her, which Kiri handled with aplomb, and the crowd went nuts when she exchanged the demure Marian-blue gown of the first part for a sequined black strapless number in the second.

The most thrillingly outrageous use of classical music I've ever seen in a movie was Kiri singing Strauss's "Beim Schlafengehen" while Linda Hunt's character jumped to his death in The Year of Living Dangerously.

annie dc said...

Loved watching the presentations and speeches. I esp. loved what M.T. Anderson had to say.

Thanks for posting the link.