Friday, October 05, 2007

But I bet he loved Clueless

from the Globe and Mail review of The Seeker: "Whether you fully embrace the Harry Potter phenomenon or simply live with it, there's no question that J. K. Rowling is an imaginative story-spinner. The trouble is that she has ruined the field for the legions of the second-rate."

Update: here's a link to the Maclean's blog post on the movie that commenter Clare references. It's really good.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I was so dense, but I honestly don't quite get what he meant by that. Is he saying Cooper is second-rate?

Roger Sutton said...

He is saying that, but I think it's because he's a clumsy writer, not because he means to slam Cooper. He clearly hasn't read her (or much if any fantasy at all).

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that comment is a result of clumsy writing. I'm sputtering with indignation over here and my husband is laughing at me. But really! Second rate? Susan Cooper? ARGH!!!!


Clare said...

Here's a link to Brian Bethune's review of the movie.
Brian is the books editor for Maclean's Magazine (Canada's national news magazine) and I found it a much more thoughtful review.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, we should all love Clueless, it's great! Emma *and* Clueless. (Although not so much this Seeker movie, as everyone's been saying...)