Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Darlings

Hey, I finally made it.

I hope everyone gets some nice uninterrupted recreational reading time over the holidays. I've started my own off with The Exception by Christian Jungersen (Talese/Doubleday), a hugely engrossing mystery/thriller/black comedy (I think) about the employees of a Danish genocide documentation center. The women who work there have been receiving threatening emails and they're all a little bit crazy already, especially Anne-Lise, the center's librarian who thinks the others are Out to Get Her. And they May Be.

To follow up I have some Sarah Waters, Denise Mina, James Lee Burke . . . it's going to be good times in P-town this week.


Eric said...

The Exception is a great book. I thought he nailed the librarian character.

Kelly said...

LOVED The Exception. My favorite book of 2007. Just posted about it myself :)

Jordan said...

Hey! James Lee Burke! I think he writes the absolute greatest prose in the world. The first few Dave Robicheaux books burned themselves into my brain. I turned my late father, a psychiatrist, on to the series, and we used to have a field day doing armchair psychoanalysis of all the deeply damaged Burke characters.


JLH said...

Congratulations, Roger! I knew you were COOL, to be sure, but hadn't thought about hot. Way to go! Looking forward to a New Year with ReadingRoger.

Anonymous said...