Thursday, December 13, 2007

When Frog and Toad Are More Than Friends

Who needs old closet case Dumbledore when Claire has put together a first-class list of out-n-proud GLBTQ-and-sometimes-Y fiction?

I've got an editorial in the upcoming Horn Book about the outing of Dumbledore, who in fact joins a long line of characters who coulda-woulda-shoulda be gay if the reader so inclines--like Shakespeare in Susan Cooper's King of Shadows as we discussed here a few weeks ago. Or Harriet the Spy. (Or Sport, Beth Ellen, or Janie.) Betsy and Tacy! Frank and Joe! Nancy and George! Or not, too--the point is that characters become your imaginary friends whose lives, loves, and destinies can become what you need them to be.

I'm reminded of 1965, the momentous year when Barbie became flexible. Durable characters always are.


Anonymous said...

Nice list, but I'd like to see Aidan Chambers represented here with either DANCE ON MY GRAVE or POSTCARDS FROM NO MAN'S LAND.


Mike said...

Nice list. Thank you! One more: Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson. Staying best friends gets tricky when he's in thrall to the school soccer star. A typically deft portrait of friendship, difference and compassion.

colyngbourne said...

Seconding the Aidan Chambers: "Postcards..." and "Dance on my Grave" and also elements in "The Toll Bridge".

Also the fabulous "Brothers" by Ted van Lieshout, and "Centre of my World" by Andreas Steinhofel.

Anonymous said...

Not poor Betsy-Tacy but perhaps their friend Winona!

Anonymous said...