Monday, December 10, 2007

You can't run a library without Tomie dePaola

as I told the Boston Globe.


Anonymous said...

With Tomie dePaola you always know what you are going to get.(Good Books!) The parents and teachers love his books more than the children do.

Am I the only one who has a plush Strega Nona Doll?

diannaburt said...

I have a Strega Nona doll too, but I am a Children's Librarian and that doesn't seem odd to me. I don't agree that the parents and teachers love Tomie's book better than the kids, but librarians might love them better! I had the pleasure of meeting Tomie at an ALA exhibit during the annual conference and he is a delight in person, also.

Stella said...

My goodness, you are right, though. I work as a shelver in the Children's Department at the local library, and he's everywhere. Non fiction, Easy readers, Picture books, fiction, holiday... lordy, lordy. I've never had time to stop and read anything of his while I'm working, but I think perhaps I should now.

Anonymous said...


Booklover123 said...

I am looking for that strega nona doll for my mother, also a teacher, and I've had no luck. Would you ladies have any suggestions? I'd be forever greatfull! Email me at THANKS SO MUCH!!!