Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caldecott shout-out

Relive the excitement and hear the applause-o-meter for yourself on our Press Conference Podcast.


Laura (Pinot and Prose) said...

I was there but it was still a hoot to listen to it again and hear all the compliments your committee received! I love that your Award choice has people discussing and debating children's literature to a greater degree. Fantastic!


P.S. Was that Tim Wadham I heard talking to you?

Roger Sutton said...

Yes, that was Tim. I had seen him the day before at a party, where he had said something to me like "I hear Hugo is a lost cause." I pokerfaced it like a good committee member.

Wizards Wireless @ said...

That was wonderful. Thanks for making me feel like I was there.

I wish I could have heard the actual phone calls.


Zee said...

Thanks for posting this podcast.

Robin said...

Oh, that was a lot of fun--if only we could have heard "the phone calls." It's hard to explain to people how much fun it is to see and hear the books titles revealed one at a time. Book geek that I am, it was a teary moment.

Thanks, Roger.