Monday, February 18, 2008

You can buy a printer, but can you buy a clue?

We got a call last week asking if the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards accept submissions of print-on-demand books. Editorial Anonymous explains why not.

Clueless wannabes will always be with us but what confounds me more are stories that indulge in all the sentimentality, preachiness, lame rhyming and anthropomorphism we say never, ever to indulge a manuscript in, and yet they somehow get published, by a real publisher, anyway. (Yes, Peach and Blue, I'm thinking of you.) Let's make an award for that. (Anyone remember SLJ's Billy Budd Button and Huck Finn pin?)


Monica Edinger said...

When I first joined adbooks in 2002, Christopher Paolini was very active on it; I particularly recollect (and just found in the archives) a post in which he explained why print on demand is better than a regular publisher. Just thought I'd try to get a few folks' hopes up.

Editorial Anonymous said...

Is there a link, Monica? I haven't seen that post. Was it because PODs would publish his hackneyed plagerizing butt? Or was there some other reason?

Monica Edinger said...

You have to join the yahoo group, adbooks and then go back to the 2002 posts (I think it may have been in March). As for your second question...well...I think it was a family thing.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this will be seen as I am slow to respond. But I keep wondering--

Why do we say never to indulge in anthropomorphism? Is there some connotation that goes along with that that I am not aware of, or bad associations, or is it that there is just so much of it out there already?

Very curious--