Thursday, March 06, 2008

Off till next week

Thank you all for the great discussion about adults and children reading. Richard and I are going to New York today to see Elizabeth and other assorted friends and two shows: the revival of Sunday in the Park with George, which was the first show I ever saw on Broadway, and Come Back, Little Sheba starring my favorite cop, Lieutenant Anita Van Buren.

For the Limoliner trip down and back I have the new Denise Mina, Natsuo Kirino's Grotesque, and, on Miss Pod, Ha Jin's A Free Life. Should be a sweet ride.


HG said...

Oh enjoy! I have tickets for Sunday in April and I can't wait.

Kelly said...

Love Denise Mina. Enjoy!

zwbkcf said...

Oh, Roger, you rogue! You lead such a charmed life. How I wish I were you!

Roger Sutton said...

Sunday in the Park was great, especially the notoriously problematic second act. And, my, the things they can do with, er, color and light these days!

Off to MOMA and a surprise inspection of John and Fuse at Donnell. I'm disguised as Angus McKillick.

Roger Sutton said...

That should be KILLICK, no MC btw. Angus has the most beautiful collection of striped shirts I have ever seen.

MOMA is fortuitously providing a great companion to the Sunday in the Park revival with the show Color Chart: Reinventing Color 1950 to Today. There's an online glimpse at but try and see the show if you can.