Sunday, April 13, 2008

"The Harry Potter Look"

The post about judging people--I mean, getting to know people--by the books they read on the subway and keep upon their shelves sent me back to the books-by-the-foot mavens, who this month are offering a special for would-be wizards.


Melinda said...

OMG. I could get books like that, for cheap, at the library book sale.

Silly people. If they really wanted the wizard look, they'd get alchemy books and stuff with Latin titles.

Anonymous said...

I die a little death, looking through that web site. My favorite lines there (so far) are: "The German Books are both older books or more modern. During World War II history tells us many of Germany's books were burned. The books we offer are books that were owed by people that lived outside of Germany before and during the war. Many of the books we have are older 1800/1900. The newer books were aquirerd after the war."

That selection offers redundancy, useless information, useless noninformation, AND it's topped off with a linking of high book prices to Nazi censorship.

Still, that Goethe would look great in the hallway by the pantry....

Anonymous said...

"At Book D├ęcor, we boast a vast collection of Danish-printed books that are sold for decorative purposes only."

Why Danish? Are Danish novels so bad that they are sold by the foot?


Catherine said...

What weird people! Can the following truly not be meant as irony?

When shopping for a leather book collection to put on display, exterior beauty is the only thing that matters. The text on the inside is of zero importance. Decorative books should be used for one purpose and one purpose only: decoration.

Gobsmacked in Edinburgh

Sara said...

I used to work my local Friends of the Library booksale.

I remember being approached by a woman who asked "Where are your blue books?"

"We do sometimes have old Edmunds, ma'am," I told her, "But we don't sort much so your'e just going to have to look."

"No. I want BLUE books. Books with BLUE bindings. Where woudl they be?"

Because of course a sale that can't even sort fiction from nonfiction is going to take the time to SORT books by COLOR for your DESIGN NEEDS! Argh.

Then there were the people who came with fabric samples they were looking to match. 'Nuff said on them.

janeyolen said...

Never mind the books,I want that library with the wood paneling and the big window. Waaaaah!