Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May/June 08 Horn Book Magazine

should be winging its way to you; in the meantime, we have posted some appetizers on our site.


Anonymous said...

A Dad Grows Up by Christopher Paul Curtis - The affects of "parental micromanagement" on kids' reading

Um. The "affects"???????!!! I really do hope that's a web-only mistake, and not in the printed version. I'm shocked!

Roger Sutton said...

Me too! Will fix asap!

Kristen F said...

Can someone please work on making the Horn Book web site more user friendly? Making the font larger and putting in more links to the books being discussed are two things I can think of that would make it more readable. I appreciate getting the great content for free, but it could easily be made even better. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Book get starred? LOL!

kitty said...

Anonymous: thank you for alerting us to the typo. I hope it doesn't *effect* your enjoyment of Curtis's piece. (I'm almost 100% positive this is a web-only mistake.)

kristen f: thanks for your suggestions. I'm not sure what what you mean by "more links to the books being discussed," however. Do you mean books in articles and reviews or throughout the site? Where would the links go? Regarding the font, I'm not positive, but I think you can adjust your browser setting to make the type larger.


S. Jobs said...

Kristen: In the Safari web browser, click on View, and then on the menu that opens up click "Make Text Bigger." Or just hit Command and + at the same time.

Also under View you can click on Customize Toolbar and add little Make Text Bigger/Make Text Smaller buttons to the browser.