Thursday, April 17, 2008

Something stinks

Bloggers criticizing perfume--what will those pesky scamps get up to next!

I can't believe the reporter left unchallenged and unexplored the claim that a "prominent blogger" was "threatened with a lawsuit by a perfume company because she had deemed its product 'only O.K.' and 'a little disappointing.'" The juiciest and most provocative statement in the whole article and there's no followup?

I'll be in New York for the next couple of days, hoping to come back to you with a podcast of some of my conversations. Here's hoping I remember which button does what.

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Anonymous said...

My thought exactly. I just read the article and immediately googled the statement to see if there really was such a ridiculous threat of a lawsuit. I'm so tired of such alarming statements being simply mentioned in articles or on the news (especially radio news breaks) without any explanation or follow-up.