Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Comment spam?

Blogger seems to be having various problems today and won't let me post a couple of highly amusing pictures Lolly Robinson sent my way. What's posting without interruption, however, are spam comments. Does anyone have any recommendations for curbing this? Word verification doesn't seem to work anymore, and I hesitate to approve comments first because I think it would inhibit commenters (plus, I don't want the extra work). Any ideas?


JLH said...

When I first started blogging I got some spam so I made sure that comments were emailed to me, then I'd know and could delete them. But that's work too. My blogs is read by only family and a few friends, so it's not a big deal. Yours is widely read, I think, and I don't have any brilliant ideas for you. Maybe see if you can complain to Google? Their gmail does a good job of weeding out spam. Good luck.

Lucy Pearson said...

I fear your options are a bit limited on blogger. I host my own Wordpress blog, and Wordpress has a spam-detector called Akismet which has some cunning way of detecting things which are likely to be spam - it holds just those comments for moderation. So, if the spam is really getting out of hand, it might be worth looking into a different blogging platform. I only just set my Wordpress blog up and it was remarkably easy, so while the idea of hosting one yourself might be really offputting, it's not as scary as it sounds.

Abby said...

I second Lucy's comment on WordPress and Akismet - I've had my blog for about two years now, and noticed a huge difference when I enabled Akismet. Almost no spam gets through now. It's lovely.

Anonymous said...

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jfm said...

They must consider your blog 'high profile,' so be flattered and enable moderation for a while to lose them. It's like keeping a dog in your house--the crooks always look for an easier mark.

prokidwriter said...

May I suggest hiring a high-school aged unpaid intern to review and approve comments for you? Even if you have significant churn with the intern position, it would be beneficial to you without adding a lot of work onto your already full plate, plus it would give some lucky kid a great opportunity to see the inner workings of The Horn Book.