Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Notes

The new Notes from the Horn Book is hot off the virtual presses. In this issue we recommend some new books about the Olympics and China, make a truck stop for some new toddler tales, listen to some recent audiobooks, and ask R.L. Stine what scares him the most. Read and subscribe (it's free) here.

And to those of you who have already signed up, thank you--the circulation of Notes has doubled since the first issue, which makes us very happy indeed.


Hedwig said...

Dear Mr. Sutton, I've just finished reading Notes, which I thoroughly enjoyed (thank you!). I noticed at the bottom of the message a link to the Horn Book Podcast, something I have failed to catch sight of before. I wanted you to know that after reading Notes I went immediately to iTunes to download ALL of the episodes, which I plan to listen to as soon as possible. It looks like a wonderful program. I'm THRILLED that The Horn Book is producing a Podcast now and will eagerly look forward to future episodes. Thank you, thank you!

Bianca said...

So glad you mentioned Little Blue Truck - I love it!