Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I love them

Semicolons, that is. I am less taken with apostrophe-s, but that's what Chicago tells us to do, along with B.C.E., usage of which just makes me feel old if still A.D. (.)

Apropos of nothing, I have drops in my eyes from an opthamology exam this morning and am thinking about an incredibly lame Betty Cavanna novel where the heroine's sweet but plain best friend finally gets a date only because the guy who's askin' has just been to the eye doctor and can't see clearly. Hilarious, right?


J. L. Bell said...

After reading that article, I went and found Trevor Butterworth's essay, which started it all.

ladydisdain said...

Cavanna title, please!

HG said...

I love the semicolon too. My students giggle when I wax poetic about how versatile and meaningful a semicolon can be. Of course, I get snooty about apostrophes too - Strunk and White have the answer, in my book.