Monday, September 15, 2008

In other news, dog bites man

The author of Daddy's Roommate is shocked--shocked--that Sarah Palin disapproves of his book.

And to paraphrase Florence King, when will liberals learn to think before they speak? To complain that Sarah Palin "has a small town mind" is not helpful.


Melinda said...

Not to mention that most of the people with "small town minds" know how to use a shotgun.


Small-Town Gal (pop. 50, except in flood years)

AMY S. said...

and it's not just a matter of thinking before you speak--it's also a good idea to interrogate the prejudices that such words are based on.

small-town america = roots, family, and heritage for many people, even for a whole lot of city folk.

i can't stand but a few of her political positions, but the gal reminds me of several of my favorite aunts and i admire the heck out of her feminine strength, her commitment to her family and to walking the walk of her faith, and even her mountain cat ferocity.

cuz i so hope Barack Obama wins in November, i really hope lots of liberal leaning people will listen well to cautious like this.

Anonymous said...

free advertising for all the books on that list!

Brooke said...

"Mortal enemy," huh? Who speaks like that anymore?