Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lights Out

That single dim bulb that is my brain misfired this weekend, sending me off to re-read and view The City of Ember when all the while Alicia Potter was already busy with her review. I have a few more issues with the gigantic predatory star-mole than she, but I'll save them for the sequel. (But will there be one? We went to a Columbus Day matinee and there were fourteen people in the theater.)


JLH said...

The book is brilliant. One of the most amazing and original post-apocalyptic books I've read, right up there with Riddley Walker and Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I was worried about the movie, but having seen Roan in Atonement, will be one of the eager few who can't wait to see the movie. (And to see what else this young actress will do.) Thanks, Roger.

fairrosa said...

I am pleased with the acting, actually. But, so sad that first off, the movie makers couldn't and wouldn't trust the audience to follow the story and figuring out somehow about Ember's whereabouts and its mysterious existence: that's one of the most fun parts in the book: you are left "in the dark" about Ember's history and you discover things along with the protagonists. Lily and her friends are annoyed that the children are "too old" in the movie. And it's made into just a mere action/adventure story without enough puzzle-solving that so entertains them in the book.

The set is beautifully constructed, though. I like the look of the movie very much and that's what you see in the trailers -- the design of Ember.

And -- what's the deal with the gigantic insects and little animals? (Did the script writer also read Gregor and mixed up the two tales when she wrote the screenplay for Ember?)

Anonymous said...

How many $$$ did you spend getting your electronics in working order so you could do your review? All comes out of HB petty cash?

Roger Sutton said...

Nope, comes outta MY cash, which is looking petty indeed.

Melinda said...

I had to wonder why you didn't go to the LIBRARY!

They get chased by a predatory star-nosed mole? But those guys are cute! You want scary, read up about shrews.