Monday, October 20, 2008

Take my kid--please.

I keep imagining how different writers might approach making a story out of the unintended consequences of Nebraska's "safe haven" law. The idea that your parents could give you up--or give up on you--so capriciously (and lawfully) is like a Maurice Sendak Nyquil nightmare. In The Grounding of Group Six Julian F. Thompson found a good deal of black humor in the premise, but in the right hands--Nancy Werlin, I'm looking at you--it could be terrifying.


Sara Z. said...

I keep thinking of the fictional possibilities of this as well. It is definitely ripe.

KT Horning said...

When I first read this story last week, it made me think of "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman.

rebelbookseller said...

Sounds like "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" (with the private boarding school transposed in this case for a hospital). These Nebraska kids are similarly of course being given menial labor (scullery), and must sleep in a utility closet.

As to the requirement that parents provide Child Support payments, this seems to hearken to "The Little Princess" and even "Madeline". At least in that case one would hope there are some Medical School classes offered. Maybe some fine young doctors and nurses will be the upshot.

Andy Laties

Anonymous said...

O. Henry did a nice job with this in "Ransom of Red Chief."

Betty Carter

Nancy said...

Roger, look away again. I'm not dressed.

Nancy Werlin