Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If you need a good Christmas cry


Elizabeth said...

Roger!!!! Nooooooo!!! What are you going to post next, Bambi's mother getting shot? The Island of Misfit Toys? I can't handle all this at the holidays, I was much tougher as a kid. (gee, I guess I'm kind of answering your question from a few blog entries down.)

Roger Sutton said...

In searching for this clip I found out that the score for this "Christmas special" was written by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill, and that some people say that "People" was first written for this! Think ol' Jim Backus could give Babs a run for her money?

I knew I had found a kindred spirit when former HB editor Lauren Adams sang this song to me from memory. In July.

chellej said...

Wow. But then, I always did feel sorry for Mr. Magoo.

chellej said...

And one more thing: I had no idea Mr. Magoo could act that well. Sing, yes.

Elizabeth said...

What do you mean? Didn't you see him play Hamlet's uncle on Gilligan's Island?

ifahren said...

Ahhh, a humorous, musical blast from the past! The castaways performing "Hamlet, the Musical." Singing Polonius speech to Laertes to the tune of the "Toreador Song."

"Neither a borrower, nor a lender be,
Do not forget, stay out of debt.
Think twice, and take this good advice from me...
(forgetting a line or two here...)
...There's just one other thing,
You've got to do,
To thine own self be true!"

Brilliant casting of the pompous Mr. Howell as the windbag Polonius.

A new generation is loving this. One of my first graders said she saw this episode and fell off her chair laughing.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, ifahren, if you need your Gilligan's Island lyrics, then I'm your woman.

Think twice and take this good advice from me/
Guard thy solvency!

ifahren said...

Fabulous! Thanks. It's good to have someone who knows the classics!

web said...

Oh, that one just kills me. My son and I like to sing it together. Must teach him the harmony part someday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Gilligan's Islands lyrics missing from my mind since I saw this episode in April 1968--remembered them all except "guard thy solvency"! (the exact date of the viewing driven into my mind by MLK's assassination)