Friday, February 13, 2009


I hope some of you can join me at the Eric Carle Museum to hear the Horn Book's own Lolly Robinson talk about what happens to picture book pictures when you hang them on a wall someplace and maybe somebody buys them and then maybe somebody buys them again or maybe nobody buys them and they just sit up in some loft somewhere (okay, I'll refund the price of the Carle admission to the first person who can identify that particular '70s flashback).

Lolly's talk is on Saturday, February 28, at 1:00PM. Come on down!


Anonymous said...

That's Joni Mitchell, rambling to the audience between songs on her live album, talking about the difference between being a singer and being a painter.

Anonymous said...

And Lolly's talk sounds as if it will focus on exactly why---as I have said over and over--the Caldecott criteria should be changed to include the whole book.