Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm over the Moon!

Okay, not really, but I just finished talking with Buzz Aldrin, who really has been over--and on--the Moon. How cool is that? I was interviewing him for the upcoming issue of Notes from the Horn Book, wherein we feature his and Wendell Minor's Look to the Stars.

Everybody has something that will get them talking, and for Mr. Aldrin it was SCUBA-diving.


janeyolen said...

About ten years ago, my husband, son, his new girlfriend (now wife),one of my authors--Kara Dalkey--and her then husband John who was writing a book with Aldrin all had dinner together.

Mostly we listened to Buzz talking. And individually we found ourselves thinking--whenever we worried maybe we should be part of the conversation, too, not just audience-- "He's been on the moon!"

We were absolutely awed.

Not a bad thing to be.


Anonymous said...

I liked when Ali G interviewed him and kept calling him Buzz Lightyear.