Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few things

I think I neglected to tell you that the new Notes from the Horn Book is out. So, Notes is out! You know, we started Notes as a more parent- and consumer-friendly alternative to the Magazine, so tell your friends, family and patrons about it. Special deal this week: free.

I was sad to hear that Judy Krug, ALA's longtime boss-lady for intellectual freedom, has died. She was quite a force, an irresistible one to be sure, with that unbeatable combination of an iron will and tons of charisma. Years ago I interviewed for a job with her and was completely intimidated.

I'll be in Ohio for the next couple of days for the Media Source board meeting, where I have to do my first Power Point presentation. Just two slides, thank goodness. Has anyone read Edward Tufte's broadside against the medium? Here's an appropriately formatted outline of his points.


Anonymous said...

Great to be reminded of Tufte! His VISUAL PRESENATION OF FACTUAL(?)MATERIAL should be read by everyone - yet yours is the first reference to it I've seen in years!

Anonymous said...

I think you mean The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

GREAT BOOK. It will change your eye and brain.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I misremembered the title - but can never forget the book. Thanks for setting me straight!